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I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I’m just telling you guys what I have heard and read.
By these tweets 20130301-192819.jpgand many more, I have some what come up with what happened tonight. We all know that paparazzi ruined Justin’s birthday, but we thought it was only tonight. Turns out they have been following him around all day long, pestering him and just trying to piss him off. They have been following his car all day, causing his drivers to almost crash multiple times. They have given him no space at all, this was not even close to the fans fault. The paps are the ones who ruined everything for Justin.

When Justin walked into his OWN birthday party, he got mobbed and people were just shoving cameras in his face. If they were invited why were they doing that? It’s so sad that he just wanted to enjoy his birthday party. Yet people found it funny that they harassed him on his birthday?

20130301-200258.jpg it’s a sad world we live in. The fact that people think of him as an object, they find his emotions funny. They need to realize he’s HUMAN.

Justin just wanted to enjoy ONE night on his birthday, couldn’t they have given a few hours? Justin could’ve gotten seriously hurt because of them today. They should know their limits. I know it’s their job, but they’re putting lives at risk and it’s not okay. When Justin arrived the paps went insane and fans were getting hurt.

Take action. Lets do something about paparazzi. look at this

On February 28th, Beliebers @LindiCraddock @Shay16_xo @Shannon_amberx @margaretgeker @ADICTED2THYBIEB @Loulabell__ @AhoyBieber & @adelebelieber protected Justin from the paparazzi and made sure they couldn’t get pictures. I love when Beliebers have respect for Justin, and actually help him. I’ve never seen anyone do that before. It’s amazing, they’re amazing.

Justin, I’m sorry you have to deal with all of this. I want you to know that your Beliebers will always be here. Thank you for not giving up. I know it’s hard, and I know we will never be able to understand. But we will do anything to make you happy.
Tweets from the crew tonight.



Credit @JenniTopham




Written by Remington Lee