Remington Lee
  • Getting a surgery on Friday that should stop the frequent hospitalizations. Looking forward to a healthy year. ☺️
  • This quarter is going really well. I know it’s only week one but I’m happy.
  • Missing the holiday season as winter quarter starts up.
  • Kate did my did my makeup and it made me feel fabulous.
  • Escaped a five day hospital stay with Wally.
  • Last night ended up being incredibly hard medically for me and for my family who helped me through it. I’m so thankful to have them by my side. I’m very lucky to have them and very happy we got to celebrate before things got bad, we made it to 2018.
  • Happy #NewYearsEve from me and my sister-in-laws!
  • Painting Clementine’s nails in the Gingerbread house. 💅🏻
  • Hoping for a healthy winter quarter.