Remington Lee
  • Only a few more days til the quarter is over. This has been my most difficult quarter health wise but with every quarter I learn how to work with the UC system more. Here’s to hoping next quarter is one without emergency surgery!
  • Thank you guys for all the support, it’s been a really hard quarter but every time someone reaches out or leaves a nice comment it really does help.
  • Going back into surgery but at least my eyebrows look nice.
  • Had emergency surgery this morning, everything went well and hopefully that means no more surgery for a little while.
  • It’s nice when my mom comes down to be with me for my procedures because we always do something nice together afterwards and it makes it not as bad. 😊
  • Saw the Gucc in person today and drank some Gucc water. I didn’t buy anything but it was pretty cool. (📸 @simonnak11)
  • Free cotton candy is the best cotton candy 🍭
  • Just got out of my Psych midterm and I’m feeling good about it!
  • Clementine thanked Minnie for letting us into her home. This was such a nice family trip! Now back to studying for midterms.