Remington Lee
  • It’s nice when my mom comes down to be with me for my procedures because we always do something nice together afterwards and it makes it not as bad. 😊
  • Saw the Gucc in person today and drank some Gucc water. I didn’t buy anything but it was pretty cool. (📸 @simonnak11)
  • Free cotton candy is the best cotton candy 🍭
  • Just got out of my Psych midterm and I’m feeling good about it!
  • Clementine thanked Minnie for letting us into her home. This was such a nice family trip! Now back to studying for midterms.
  • Rapunzel let down her long hair and escaped the tower to explore Disney for the first time. 👸🏼
  • Currently crying off my over priced moisturizer thinking about how weird it will be to not be able to FaceTime Elle. America will be lacking someone who makes it a significantly better place for the next 8 months.
  • My best friend badass feminist killer beauty is leaving for an eight month journey and life without her is going to be so bland. She is a light in my life and her love fills my heart with joy. I’m gonna miss her so much and I’m so excited for her to explore and grow on this journey!
  • The year of the 🐩. (📸 @simonnak11)